Though the facade is set like carved marble
yet towering, towering a Titan
raises himself up in the Tartarus
in my heart; straining at the bonds which bind
mighty limbs accustomed to strangle stars,
he rages- “Who are you, audacious wretch,
that you dare to nettle me with the voice
of your lecture? Were I free of these chains
I would show how I excel thee in all!
Were you within my grasp, then I’d soon teach
you due reverence for true mastery!”

Though the facade is set like carved marble
yet trickling, trickling a trail of black smoke
slips free, the sole whisper of the tyrant
imprisoned below. Fires rise, exhaled
from his own impious, pitiless chest,
that chest which holds no heart save that furnace
which spreads ’round the prison an inferno
fierce enough to raze seven strong cities.
amid this blaze the Titan vainly vaunts,
imperious though impotent, scorching
only his own flesh with his flaming pride.

Now the facade, though set like carved marble,
is trembling, trembling; a muted tremor
shakes my countenance. Below, the Titan,
hurling his hulk against the prison walls,
roars profane defiance to the skies.
Yet though his shackles shake thunderously,
Yet though his bones bruise, dashed against the walls,
though he wrack the pits of my heart with pain,
only cruel echoes of his tempest
escape, loos├ęd like lightning through my eyes.
The Titan laughs, hoping soon to follow.

Indeed, even carved marble may crumble
after long enduring the raging wind.
Yet behold! From above the Titan’s cage
a messenger on eagle’s wings descends,
silencing the inmate with his command:
“Abi redique unde venisti!
Let your boast no longer befoul this place!”
Fearful and sullen, the Titan slinks back
hidden in the depths of that dismal pit.
Ascending, the herald seals the portal,
and now the facade rests, silent and still.


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